Francella Street

  • Area of Work – 69.7sqm
  • Property Perimeter – 34m
  • Foundation Type – Type C – Slab on Grade with thick perimeter beam
  • Repair methodology – CCS Solution A and site specific technique
  • Time Duration – 8 days


The Francella Street building is a large office building attached to a large warehouse. During the 2011 earthquake, the front of the office building broke free of the warehouse and dropped approximately 70mm on front right hand corner and approximately 15mm on the front left hand side of the building.


Stage one of the repair was to brace the inside of building with acrow props. This meant the building was lifted and re-levelled, the roof remained secure and all cladding remained even and in place. Stage two consisted of drilling down through four piles located at the front of the building, which allowed CCS to begin the jet lifting process.


This was a two stage process; if grout came to surface, the solution was to cure then drill through the cured grout, and finally, lift up the grout and pile. The front right hand corner of building came up over 3.5 days, the left hand corner took one lift, and the building got within 5mm of level over a 12m span. Once the lift and relevel had been achieved, 11m x 7m piles were installed across the front of the building and down both sides. This took one day to complete. A concrete foundation was then poured to connect the foundation to the piles, allowing CCS to provide the client with a full and affordable foundation solution.


Before Releveling


  • This particular building is an office with heavy precast concrete walls and is attached to a warehouse
  • The front right and left hand corners dropped approximately 70 mm and 15 mm, respectively
  • The settlement created a visible drop of the concrete wall on the right hand side

After Releveling


  • Eleven piles (7m deep) were installed around the building. The job was completed within eight days.
  • The final levels of the property are within the acceptable DBH tolerance of ± 15mm
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