Residential Foundations Releveling

CCS is experienced with both residential and commercial releveling and can provide the full package for our clients from drawings for council consent to Engineering PS1 & PS4.


CCS have completed relevels on all types of foundations in all land categories, including TC3 and poor ground areas. With successful lifts of up to 300mm as well as in Flood Management areas and High Water Tables.


CCS is able to provide the full package for clients; from plans for lodgement for council consent/exemption, to the Engineering PS1 and PS4. All jobs are individually consented to ensure that insurance is reinstated.

We are able to provide releveling services for concrete slab foundations and also concrete ring foundations. A combination of hydraulic jacking and jet grouting enables us to control the lift in a gradual process to limit any potential damage to the dwelling caused by the releveling. If you have voids under your concrete floor slab that have appeared due to settlement from earthquakes compacting the material or earth under your slab, CCS can provide void filling services using grout filled injected under pressure. This fills in the space created from the earthquakes and by ground settlement. Using pressure void filling processes and grouting that contains no chemicals or resins ensures that you have long term stability beneath your slab and foundations.

Excavated Lifting Pits

Floors Sinking

Cracks In Walls

Holes and Voids

Out of Level Building

Weak Foundation

Ground Instability



Check out our work on previous projects the team at CCS has undertaken to save buildings, many of them that our competitors had previously deemed to be write-offs.

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