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CCS provides total solutions for homeowners.


  • CCS has achieved SiteWise accreditation, which is a testament to the quality of the health and safety systems we have in place.
  • Our technology can meet the needs of unusual and difficult ground conditions, such as reclaimed land, variable soil structure, and high water tables.
  • Our flexible and compact equipment, as well as separate hydraulic power packs, means confined spaces are a non-issue.
  • Our specialised equipment is capable of both rotary-percussion and rotary drilling methods.
  • CCS uses fully hydraulic-powered equipment, which gives a huge productivity advantage over standard pneumatic drilling systems.
  • Our systems may not trigger a building consent for residential properties as we relevel in-situ without having to remove and relocate the home.
  • CCS have experienced Licensed Building Practitioners and Project Managers. This makes us capable of delivering the entire project as head contractor, with multiple construction crews, ranging from foundation specialists to wet trades personnel.
  • CCS maintains a strict standard regarding the implementation of health and safety and environmental regulations. We have both Site Wise and Site Safe accreditation, an in-house Health and Safety Coordinator and complete audits regularly.

Our technology has allowed us to save buildings that our competitors had previously deemed to be write-offs



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What our clients say

“The team from CCS repaired the earthquake damage done to our family home’s foundations. Everyone from CCS was fantastic from the very start, incredibly helpful with all of our questions from the initial quote stage right through to completion. Even though our job was no doubt small scale compared to the big commercial jobs that they also do, you would’ve never known it given how they treated our job with the utmost importance. The work was done on time, to budget, to a fantastic standard and with great communication. We even had both neighbours come and tell us how impressed they were with how well the guys had worked, kept things tidy and respected the property and its surrounding areas throughout. We definitely recommend CCS without hesitation.”


Tanya from Christchurch

“The CCS team were legend – fantastic communication, timely, professional and went above and beyond on our job. Highly recommended to all. My husband is very happy with the high standard of workmanship and the house can now be sold. Thanks guys!!”


Ian from Christchurch

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