Why Choose CCS?

We have an experienced team who specialises in foundation solutions including re-levelling and piling works and retaining structures.


Un-level floors? Cracked Walls? Windows/doors don’t open/close – the issue in many cases lies below the floor. Our team are able to provide effective and economic solutions for your foundation and retaining issues.

Slope Stabilisation & Retaining Wall

CCS can provide continuous pressure injection installation used to create rock bolts and soil nails that provide anchoring points for slope safety and stabilisation.


Areas for application of this technology include:


  • Rock fall netting
  • Rock fall catch fences
  • Shotcrete
  • Gabions and Retaining Walls


In addition to providing anchoring points, pressure injection rock bolts and soil nails actively improve ground conditions, meaning that ground layers susceptible to slipping can be effectively tied to stronger, more stable ground formations.


These methods are particularly applicable to road and rail projects, and aid in preventing subsidence damage from below and land/rock slide damage from above.


Excavated Lifting Pits

Failed Wall

Retaining Wall Installation



Check out our work on previous projects the team at CCS has undertaken to save buildings, many of them that our competitors had previously deemed to be write-offs.

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