King Post Retaining Wall Systems

The King Post System was developed following the 2010 and 2011 Earthquakes as a system for reinforcing retaining walls. Using German Jet-Piling technology and above-ground reinforced posts, King Post Retaining Walls are a cost effective, versatile solution to strengthen the lateral and vertical strength of retaining walls and other retaining structures.




Seismic Strengthening was required for this commercial building in Christchurch following the earthquakes.


CCS worked with the engineer to provide a robust solution, which would allow the client to complete the seismic strengthening work from outside in the narrow lane way behind the building. This meant that the cosmetic look of the building from the front or inside was not affected, and the business operating in the building was not disrupted.


A total of 18 piles were installed along the narrow lane way of the building, with the piles sitting either side of the existing service pipes. The structural steel beams were installed following the pile installation with all work being completed at the property in a timely manner over the period of a month.



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